Thursday, December 11, 2014

Yes, I did day 3 of 30 days of Yoga

On Wednesday I did the 60 minute stability program that I did on Sunday. It went well, and it's nice to see progress so quickly. I initially started off with a Flow sequence, but I was having trouble keeping up with it just five minutes in, so I decided to set myself up for success by repeating the same video I already knew. I'm smart like that. I took today off (today should have been day 4) because I seemed to tweak my shoulder a bit yesterday maybe doing too many planks improperly, or maybe doing the yoga in a pretty cold room. Either way, it seemed prudent to slow down a bit so that I could actually do 30 days of yoga and not injure myself in the first 5 days. Again, I'm smart like that. Tomorrow my plan is to repeat the 30 minute short flow series that I did on day 2. I had to go buy some yoga blocks today because I don't have any and we used them at the studio and they definitely make some poses easier. Okay, that's the update, mostly for myself and not for you because damn it must be boring to read about my yoga.

Songs that Got Me Through 2014...

If you know me, you know that I have pretty bad taste in music. Or more accurately, no taste in music. I don't really listen to anything new, like ever. My standard fare is Steely Dan, America, or pretty much any 70s soft rock. 

This year, I somehow branched out a little tiny bit. I guess the other thing you need to know about me is when I discover a new song that I like, I play that song and nothing else, repeatedly. For weeks. And weeks. It's a strange phenomenon. Also to note is that I don't listen to music all that much anyhow. I can't listen to it while I read or write because my brain can't do two things at once. And when I'm in the car I am listening to Howard Stern on Sirius.

All that being said, here are the two songs that I love love LOVED this year. I'm not even saying they're from this year. I just discovered that they existed this year.

The Last Ride is a bonus song from this year. Try not to love it.

Enjoy the ear worms.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Day 2 of 30 days of Yoga

Well, I really intended to make the 30 days be IN A ROW. But sadly, I way overdid it on day 1, so I was pretty sore and tired on Day 2. Plus I had class and that threw my whole schedule off. So today was Day 2, even though it should have been Day 3.

I was pressed for time, and so I picked one of the shorter videos on the Verge On Demand menu. Oooooof. I chose "Verge Simple Flow with Cara" because it was only 38 minutes. It was my first attempt at Flow yoga, and I guess I did okay. I also learned some new positions such as lizard and half pigeon, which were uncomfortable and lovely in the way that only yoga positions can be.

I was sore and sweaty, but a hot shower and some Advil took care of that. And at least I did it! Woohoo!!
Yup, hurts so good!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

30 days of yoga

Day 1

Well now that the semester is winding down, I have time to do things other than write papers. And I really need to get back into some sort of shape. My muscles are all jellified from all the milkshakes I've been getting at Shake Shack!

Basically, I'm too out of shape to even try to do yoga in front of other people at this point. No wait, I don't really care about them, but I don't feel like seeing myself in the mirrors at Verge. So I'm doing their yoga on demand for 30 days. Guys, I love Verge and I love their on demand videos available through vimeo.

Today I did "Verge Stability" with Cara. It was a good starting point for me, as it focused a lot on legs and breezed through the core stuff. Not too many planks. However, my legs are traditionally pretty solid, and this video shows me just how far I've fallen. I was so wobbly and sore. Somebody's gonna sleep good tonight.

My point in posting here is some sort of accountability, but I also hope to track my progress. And also, I can't emphasize enough how great the on demand is from Verge. I highly recommend it!

Check it out here!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Marmot caramels

When we were in Chamonix, I saw some cute little souvenir caramels. They had a cute little marmot on the package, and he was eating a caramel.  First off, let me say that I have been to Swiss mountain towns twice (or 4 times if you count two different towns on two different trips). I have never once seen or heard a marmot. I'm pretty sure they don't exist. So honestly, the marmot on these caramels was the closest I was going to get to seeing a Marmot in Switzerland.

I had the vague notion that these caramels would be some sort of souvenir for someone back home. However, if you know me, you have probably never received a souvenir from me. Everything is so cute that I just end up keeping it for myself. I sometimes give Gavin the Happy Meal toys I get while I'm there, but that's about it. Selfish Kristin strikes again.

So naturally, I was feeling snacky one evening and decided to bust into the caramels. These caramels are flat. And hard and chewy. Not soft and squishy. And they were oh so delicious. I had a few in my bag when we returned to the states, but I ended up binge-eating them the day after we got back. Damn it. So now I'm on the hunt for these damn marmot caramels. There is no manufacturer on the package. I can find pictures of similar products online, but not a way to order them. 

Online, the trader joe's caramels looked pretty similar and were only $2.99, so I ventured out to check them out this morning. For 3 bucks I can hardly go wrong. Well sadly, they are not flat and square, nor are they hard and chewy. Maaaaaaaybe if I stick them in the fridge they might be okay, but for now the search continues.