Brownfield Assessment



Fisher Body Plant 21 Detroit / Wayne County / Michigan

65 Piquette, Detroit MI 48202 is a confirmed contaminated space according to the DEQ Inventory of Contaminated Facilities. Site is not listed on Leaking Underground Storage Tanks for SE Michigan District database and no tanks are visible from aerial or street view. 


Based on the aerial photographs and site visit, Department of Environmental Quality Reports to visit the Fisher Body Plant 21, for a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment should be initiated.


A Phase II ESA should be conducted to investigate the following:

  • Discolored / disturbed soil areas

  • Areas of sparse, sick or dead vegetation

  • Drums / storage tanks

  • Discolored or polluted water

  • Unusual or noxious odors

  • Floor drains

  • Roads with no apparent outlet

  • Soil near former railroad tracks

  • Former maintenance practices and hazardous materials handling procedures

  • Storage of significant quantities of potentially hazardous chemicals 

  • Presence and previous use of lead based paint

    The above are all visible in the Phase I Assessment.

    The history of this property as an automotive manufacturing plant justify this assessment as there is an incredibly high chance that much runoff and waste from the operations of the manufacturing plant have been left in, and adjacent to, the abandoned site.

Kristin Shaw, 2017